Comprehensive Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking Features

Customizable Employment Application

Your Web Address

Use your company's web address or the default one we provide.

Hiring Stages

Add, edit, remove, and order each stage of your hiring process.

Custom Fields

Add custom questions using 6 different field types and choose their order.

Open Positions

Create and manage for which positions you're currently hiring.

Applicant Authorization

Edit the signature-required authorization statement to fit your needs.


Enable or disable multi-language translations for job applicants.

Hiring Team

Whether you are the hiring team, or you have thousands of locations and people involved, APPLICANTS™ will streamline and simplify the process. There is no extra cost to add more users.

Applicant Tracking Users

Unlimited Locations

One job application for all of your locations. Locations appear as checkboxes. Invite as many admins and managers as needed, and choose which locations they can access. They will only see applicants for those locations.

Store Locations

Job Applicants

No more filing cabinets or lost job applications. Quickly find applicants by date, location, position, stage, and name. View online, download, or print any job application.

Job Applicants

Hiring Stages

You control which stages are in your hiring cycle. Admins and managers can only change the stage for applicants in their location(s). Post comments and notes directly on the online application.

Hiring Stages


Your job application and organization's console work in every device. Applicants can apply on their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, and you get more submissions.

Mobile Friendly Job Application

Applicant Availability

Know when your job applicants are available to work before you hire. You have complete control and customization over your job application availability form.

Job Applicant Availability

Even More Features


Organizations with international locations can receive job applicants from more than 3.4M cities and 200+ countries.


Brand your online job application with your organization's logo.

Console Dashboard

Quickly see unscreened job applicants. Go to the most common tasks, and get valuable insight and data.

Data Export

Easily export/download your applicant data within a specific date range, in CSV (comma-delimited format) for use in Excel or other spreadsheets.

Custom Fields

Add up to 100 custom fields to your organization's job application. Choose from checkbox lists, file attachments (uploads), radio lists, select lists, text fields (single-line), and textarea boxes (multi-line), and choose which custom fields are optional or required. Learn more...

Friendly Help

Phone and email support for every user in your organization.

International Phone Numbers

Organization locations, users, and job applicants can use our services with any international phone number. We validate the format of every phone number against its locality rules when its added.

Job Applicant Archives

All applicants are kept for as long as your account is active.

Location Proximity

If you have more than 25 locations, applicants will be shown a list of locations to choose from based on their city and proximity. Every location is geo-coded by for accuracy.

No Contract

Change your billing plan or cancel the service at anytime.


Get notified every time a new job application is received. Control your email notifications for each organization to which you belong.

PDF Versions

Download and/or print job applications, invoices, and orders as PDF.


APPLICANTS™ is hosted in the cloud, making access fast and dependable, and always backed up.


Add downloadable files and web links, along with instructions, to your online job application. Perfect for EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) disclosures, optional forms, or company hiring practices and policies.

Phone Numbers

Add multiple phone numbers for your organization's locations and user accounts. Each phone number is checked for valid formatting in 200+ countries.


Every page is encrypted, including the job application. To thwart password hacking, a short-lifespan CAPTCHA is required after so many failed logins.

Unlimited Organizations

Create and belong to unlimited organizations. You can quickly load other organizations in only 2-clicks/taps.

User Management

Invite, change permissions, and revoke organizational users with ease.

User Profile Pictures

Visually see which organizational users belong to a specific location, or have left comments on a job application.

User Timezones

Every user can choose their preferred timezone and make the date and timestamps more relevant.

Website Widgets

Add pre-built widgets directly to your organization's website to get more applicants.

Easy Dates

It's easier for applicants to choose their preferred starting date, birthdate, and/or to and from dates for historical employment and education.


Stay organized by attaching as many as 20 documents (e.g., W-4, I-9, etc.) to each job applicant after they've applied. Learn more...

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