The Job Application... Reinvented

Job applicants are 10× more likely to complete an online employment application versus a paper one. APPLICANTS™ is an affordable cloud-based job application management system that will replace your paper form.

Job Application Form

Applicant Tracking

APPLICANTS™ goes beyond increasing the number of job applicants for your organization. Your staff can now visualize the hiring roadmap for each applicant and move them in and out of each stage. You will see improved efficiency in your hiring process and bring accountability to your team.

  • Add unlimited positions.
  • Receive job applications 24/7/365.
  • Brand with your logo and domain name.
  • Works great for 1 to unlimited locations.
  • Limit your managers to specific locations.
  • Customize each stage of your hiring funnel.
  • Applicants can apply to several locations at once.
  • Search by applicant name, position, stage, and location.
Applicant Tracking System
per month & location

Simple Pricing

APPLICANTS™ is the most cost-effective Paperless Job Application Management solution on the market.

Our Customers

Whether you have one store, a dozen franchises, or your organization manages thousands of locations, our applicant tracking solution will simplify the hiring process and increase your stack of applicants.

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