Why does my organization need APPLICANTS™?

There are many benefits to using APPLICANTS™, here are just a few:

  • Job applicants are more likely to complete an online application versus a paper one.
  • Ideal solution for high-turnover industries that need a steady stream of job applicants.
  • No more paper applications to manage.
  • Higher quality candidates.
  • No more business hour disruptions by applicants asking for, and dropping off their job application.
  • Receive job applications 24/7/365.
  • Easy to customize job application with custom fields, positions, locations, and authorization statement.
  • Applicants can apply with phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop using the same web address.
  • Hiring team/managers can view and manage applicants with web browser.
  • Many more features and benefits at a very low price per location.
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