What is the default web address?

Your organization's default web address is how new job applicants find your online job application.

Every organization in WebCorp has a default web address for their online job application. For example, MyCompanyName.webcorp.com. When creating your organization in the console, you will be required to create the prefix (e.g., MyCompanyName) for your default web address. We strongly suggest using the shortest variation of your company's name. For example, if your company name is Widgets Warehouse, Inc., we suggest you use either Widgets.webcorp.com or WidgetsWarehouse.webcorp.com.

You can change your organization's default web address at anytime by going to https://webcorp.com/console/organization/settings/edit/ and submitting the form. WARNING, if you have any printed signs, or links on your website to your online job application, they will stop working if you change your default web address.

You can also create a custom web address (e.g., Jobs.MyCompany.com) for your job application by going to https://webcorp.com/console/applicants/customize/domain/. Once setup, you can use either your default web address, or your custom web address to get applicants to your online job application.

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