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    Village Market & Caf is an "at-will" and equal opportunity employer.

    I understand that if I am hired, my employment will be for no definite period and that, if hired, my employment is AT-WILL. This means that if hired either the company or I can end the employment relationship at any time without notice and for any or no reason. No person other than the President of Village Market & Caf has the authority to modify this agreement nor make any agreement to the contrary on behalf of Village Market & Caf. Any such modification must be made in writing and signed by the President.

    I understand that Village Market & Caf reserves the right to have me complete a pre-employment medical questionnaire and to require me to submit to a pre-employment medical examination and/or drug test to the extent permitted by law. I authorize Village Market & Caf to investigate my driving record, my criminal record, my credit history, my educational background and my personal references and may interview neighbors and others with whom I am acquainted. This inquiry may include information regarding my character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living.

    I further understand that Village Market & Caf may contact my previous employers and I authorize those employers to disclose to Village Market & Caf all records and other information pertinent to my employment with them.

    I certify that all of the information that I provide in this application for employment and in any interview with company personnel will be true and accurate. I further understand that if I am employed and any such information is later found to be false or misleading in any material respect, I will be dismissed.


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